Have You Made Friendly Basking Areas For Your Pet?

Chinese water dragons can be housed and tamed with ease if you have made the necessary arrangements. They can become the friendliest pets if the enclosure resembles their natural home. Water dragons may take a few days to become familiar with their captive environment. Your pet may not move around excessively at the start, but it will be curious to find out all that you have placed inside the enclosure.

Plants and branches can be used to imitate the natural habitat with perfection. You can place hollow barks or natural logs to provide a hiding area that is more natural. A plastic bowl with an entrance on the side is a good option for hatchlings or baby dragons. You can also enhance the landscape by creating basking areas with driftwood or rocks. Basking or hiding areas are used by your pet when it feels stressed or does not want to face you.

Sturdy live plants and artificial foliage can also be used to setup a hiding spot. It is better that you maintain separate basking areas if you house multiple dragons in one enclosure. If the dragons don’t find a suitable hiding or basking area, it is more likely that they will appear intimidated. Your pet may not eat properly and get sick.

Basking area needs to be maintained at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a couple of degrees higher than the normal day temperature required by Chinese water dragons. You should buy incandescent bulb that provides UVB light and place it directly over the area used by your pet.  The bulb or light source should be ten inches from your pet, i.e. there should be no glass or plastic screen in between.

Placing fake rocks or a large tree log directly under the lamp gives your pet a nice place to stretch out and enjoy the basking area.

As their name suggests, Chinese water dragons are also fond of relaxing in water. You can place a large amount of water in the enclosure for your pet to enjoy soaking and swim at times. The depth of water depends on the age of your pet.

Young dragons stay happy in a dish filled with one inch of water. Adult and mature dragons need more space; therefore, they prefer the tray to be filled with four inches of water. You must ensure that the water tray is easily reachable and cleaned on a regular basis. The pool should not be very deep as it can cause your pet to drown accidentally.