Breeding Chinese Water Dragons

If you have a Chinese water dragon, you can also breed your pet if you want. Before you breed your dragons, it is better that you consult a vet to ensure that your water dragons are in good health. Normally Chinese water dragons are ready for breeding when they are two years old and reach two feet in length. This however is the minimum standard. Male water dragons generally are larger than two feet when they get mature for breeding.

The mating season for Chinese water dragons starts in late winter or early spring. You can prepare your water dragons for breeding by hibernating them. This basically refers to a cooling period i.e. you should reduce the temperature and dragon’s exposure to light. The feeding schedule of Chinese water dragons also changes during hibernation. You need to feed your mature dragon only once every week. The hibernation period normally lasts for two months.

Once Chinese water dragons complete their hibernation period, you need to place them back in the normal environment. You can also feed your pet dragons on a daily basis. Breeding behavior in male dragons starts within a few weeks after they get back to their normal schedule. Some dragon owners separate the male and female dragons for a week to encourage breeding behavior.

Female Chinese water dragons lay eggs after a couple of months if mating is successful. You need to take good care of the female dragon during the egg laying process to ensure that the eggs are fertile.

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