Cage & Vivarium Setup – Are You Ready to Bring Home Your New Pet?

You need to have a large enclosure at your home if you want to keep a happy Chinese water dragon. These exotic lizards are not the easiest to house if you don’t have proper arrangements made well before their arrival. You should use the largest available tank your water dragon will enjoy. This is better than upgrading the tank as the dragon gets older.

As you are aware, Chinese water dragons are arboreal creatures and they love to stay up in the trees. If you have a huge tank with the height water dragons love, your pet will feel more secure and stay happy. The minimum size for the tank is about 75 gallons. To make things simple, adult water dragons can be kept in an enclosure that measures six feet tall and four to six feet long. This will definitely make a good home for most dragons.

Besides using commercially available tanks, you can also build an enclosure on your own. However, you should take care that the material you use is non toxic and does not harm your water dragon. A better option would be using waterproof wood or glass.

Chinese water dragons love to stay moist therefore the enclosure you choose should have a humid environment. You can arrange a large pan filled with water for your pet to enjoy soaking and swimming. You are sure to keep a happy pet if the vivarium or tank you set is realistically similar to the natural habitat Chinese water dragons are used to.

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