Chinese Water Dragon Care Sheet

Chinese water dragons are lovely green lizards that make excellent pets. If you have set your eyes on one of the colorful creatures, it could easily become the start of what can be a long companionship. This website is an attempt to compile all information you need to take care of your pet in the best possible way.

As a proud owner, you would like your pet to be healthy and stress free. You can go through the extensive resource of information available here to take care of your Chinese water dragon. You will also find plenty of interesting facts that can make you an experienced owner fairly quickly. Hopefully, you will now be able to enjoy your time with an entertaining, healthy and interactive pet.

Water Dragon Information
The common facts and general information related to the dragons.

Food & Feeding – What do Chinese Water Dragons Eat?
More information about adult and juvenile dragons’ food and feeding.

Cage & Vivarium Setup
Best cage and vivarium setup idea, options; ideal housing conditions for the pet.

Temperature & Humidity
Guide to Maintain Heating and humidity requirements for Chinese water dragons.

The right way you should handle your pet.

Chinese Water Dragon Care, Grooming & Maintenance
Guide to chinese water dragon care, grooming, bathing, habitat cleaning, health test that should be done regularly.

Buying a Chinese Water Dragon
Guide to buy a perfect dragon, examine if it’s your perfect exotic pet.

Health Guide – Common Medical Conditions Affecting Your Pets
Health concerns when your dragon look lethargic and sick

Breeding Dragons
Proper breeding methodologies and techniques including dragons selection, mating, incubation, and monitoring processes.

Want to Make Your Chinese Water Dragon More Social?
Know how you can make your pet feel more comfortable with human interactions.