Want to Make Your Chinese Water Dragon More Social?

You bought a Chinese water dragon long time back, gave him the best enclosure and diet, still your pet hates coming close to you. It is natural that you feel disheartened because water dragons are known to have friendly personalities. The only question you need to ask yourself is why is your dragon so unsocial even after spending such a long time in his new home?

It is understandable if your dragon jumps out of your hand or hides inside the enclosure when you bring him home for the first time. You can try making it more social by holding it slowly. If you need to take your pet out of the cage, never try to pull it forcefully, especially if it is hiding. This will agitate your pet and you can never become an adorable owner. Remember, Chinese water dragons are smart lizards and they know who cares for them and who doesn’t.

You should first be good to your pet then expect it to be friendly in return. It is also important that you guide your guests and kids not to grab the dragon if they want to hold it. Avoid making your pet sit on your lap or arm after every couple of hours. It is important you give your pet time to relax and some taming sessions. Baby dragons are easiest to tame whereas adult dragons normally don’t respond quickly to your training sessions.

Handling your dragon in the best way will make it more sociable and you will surely have a great time with your “tamed” pet.

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