What Does the Ideal Feeding Schedule for a Chinese Water Dragon Look Like

Chinese water dragons generally are popular for their friendly personalities. You are sure to enjoy many fun filled moments when you bring this exotic lizard home. You need to feed your dragons the right way to keep them healthy and happy. Your pet is omnivorous i.e. it likes both plants and insects. With a fair bit of patience and good care, your dragon can live for long.

Having an ideal feeding schedule for your pet ensures that it grows well. This schedule is highly dependent on the age of your pet. Baby Chinese water dragons need to be fed more than adult dragons. If you have a hatchling or juvenile pet, it is better that you feed it on a daily basis.

Adult or mature Chinese water dragons can be fed every two to three days. This is no definite rule. Some people even feed their adult dragons on a daily basis. However, you should take care that your dragon does not gain excessive weight. To prevent this from happening, you can feed smaller meal portions to your adult dragon each day.

If you feel your water dragon is very weak and needs to put on some weight to look great, you can also feed it on a daily basis. The same rule applies to dragons that are recovering from an illness. If your pet had an infection and is on the road to recovery, you can try feeding it each day to help it become healthy again. You can also feed your pet a couple of times everyday if it is willing to eat and is recovering from an infection.

It is really important that you include a wide variety of food items in the feeding schedule to ensure that your pet gets optimum nutrition it deserves. If you feed your pet the same food for months, your pet may refuse to eat anything and eventually get sick. You should include the right proportion of fruits, veggies and insects because too much of any single ingredient is not good. You need to balance everything if you want your water dragon to be healthy.

Smaller food particles are easily digested than the bigger items therefore you may offer chopped plant material and smaller insects to your pet. As the dragons mature, they can be given slightly bigger insects but take care that it does not injure your pet.