Common Medical Conditions Affecting Chinese Water Dragons

Your happy pet may look lethargic and get sick even if you are a good owner. Illnesses particularly infections are not only found in wild dragons. Animals kept in captivity may also get infected which requires proper medication for complete treatment.

You will feel bad when your pet suffers so it is better you get familiar with some of the most common infections affecting Chinese water dragons. You can then easily spot the illness and seek veterinary attention before things become serious.

Mouth rot is perhaps the most common infection in these lizards. Your pet may get injured by banging its snout against the glass walls. If the cuts and bruises are left untreated, they can get infected. Mouth rot is seen as white or cheesy substance within the mouth or around the affected region. Severe mouth rot infections can even spread deep inside and result in extensive bone and tissue damage.

Metabolic bone disease (MBD) is extremely deadly as it can even kill your pet. This disease is mainly caused by lack of calcium or insufficient exposure to UVB light. MBD needs immediate attention as it can cause your pet to suffer from muscle tremors, fractured bones and bone deformities.

Respiratory illnesses are also very common in Chinese water dragons. These infections are more frequent if the dragon’s enclosure is not maintained at the ideal temperature. Your pet may gasp for air if the infection gets severe. Respiratory infections may show signs as swollen limbs, loss of appetite and cough which sound like barks.

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