Thinking About Keeping Your Dragon with a New Friend?

Get to Know the Right Ways of Housing Multiple Chinese Water Dragons

Chinese water dragons are one of the most exotic reptile pets. If you have brought one home, you need fairly large amount of space for it to move around with ease. You can think about getting a mate for your dragon only when you have adjusted to your first pet.

It is always a good move to keep one male and a couple of females if you want to breed water dragons. However, you should know the sex of your dragon before you put its mate inside the enclosure. Two male dragons are impossible to house in a single enclosure. Two females, on the other hand get along fairly easily. This is not true always as some females can be bossy and say no to share their enclosure. A better move then would be to house one male dragon with a couple or trio of female Chinese water dragons.

Male dragons generally are more aggressive, therefore should never be kept together in one enclosure. They fight quite often which at times can result in severe injuries or even death of the dragon. It is always good to keep your new dragon in a separate enclosure before you introduce it to the other dragons.

You can however put the dragons in one place for some time and monitor the interaction. If there are any signs of intimidation or aggression, it is better you keep your dragons at distance. Fear and intimidation may stress the Chinese water dragon and your pet can get sick.

It is seen that mates get along well only after a few meetings.  If this is the case with your pair of water dragons, you can then put them together in a single enclosure without trouble.

You should also get the relevant health tests done before you keep two Chinese water dragons together. It is recommended that you have stool test done for your new dragon by a specialized vet. This will ensure that the new dragon is completely healthy and does not suffer from any infection.

You should also check the dragons to rule out the possibilities of mite infestation. Remember it can get difficult for you to clear the enclosure if any of your dragons is infested by mites. Since you wanted to bring a friend for your pet, it is important that you become extra cautious as an owner so that all of your pets stay healthy and happy.