Keeping Chinese Water Dragons with Other Animals in the Same Space

You may have other pet animals and want to know whether or not they can get along well with a Chinese water dragon. This is a tough question to answer because keeping water dragons with other pets such as cats or dogs can be too dangerous. Even if you secure the dragon’s enclosure, it may feel intimidated by the presence of your cat or dog. Water dragons are not comfortable and get scared by loud noise so it is better you don’t have other animals in the same space that can bother your dragon.

The reason you should secure your dragon’s enclosure is the fact that cats and dogs can break through the lid or screen and harm your lizard. You may come across people who feel dragons and other animals can be good friends but it is recommended that you don’t try this as it can be very costly.

You may like to keep other lizards or similar reptile species in the same enclosure as your water dragon but there are chances your idea does not work well. If you want to house another lizard, you should make sure it has similar housing requirements and there are plenty of basking areas for your pets to hide.

Two or three different types of reptile species in one enclosure may result in any one of the species to get stressed. Typically, your pet may feel intimidated by the huge size of other lizard especially if it tries to show its dominance inside the enclosure.  This is often seen if you try to keep water dragons together with an iguana.

Iguanas may grow up to seven feet in length and are more aggressive, so you can imagine how your water dragon will feel standing in front of this monstrous lizard. Chinese water dragons can only grow up to three feet in length and have different feeding requirements, therefore, it is better that you skip the idea of housing iguanas together with Chinese water dragons. This does not mean it is impossible to house water dragons with iguana or other lizards. If you think you can accomplish this difficult task successfully, you can go ahead and house them together.

The only thing you need to remember is that water dragons cannot be kept with geckos or bearded dragons. You should not be surprised if you find your gecko or beardie seriously injured inside the water dragon’s enclosure.