Is Your Pet Well Protected to Stay Healthy and Happy?

Taking care of your pet is something you learn as you spend more time with this exotic reptile. There are a number of things you need to keep in mind such as enclosure maintenance, feeding requirement and handling your pet in the right way. However there are several factors that are not mentioned in this list. You need to be cautious when your pet moves outside the tank and even when it is placed comfortably inside its enclosure.

Most importantly, you need to ensure that the tank is well secured with no holes or open spaces for your dragon to sneak outside. You can only imagine the size of tiniest openings that are suitable for baby dragons to escape. If you are a good owner and take your pet outside in the sun, it is recommended that you use a leash to prevent your pet from darting around. Chinese water dragons only need seconds to vanish or leap out of the window. It is important that your pet does not get tangled while trying to escape the leash.

You should give a nice soaking bath to your pet after you bring it back home. This is because garden plants and grass may contain a number of insects and mites which may stick to your pet. Soaking your pet in slightly warm water is a great way to get rid of these irritating mites and insects which may cause skin infections.

If your dragon moves around your living room or lounge, you need to make sure that there are no toxic plants or substances that can be ingested by your pet. This is especially important if you use fertilizers to help potted plants grow well. Fertilizers may contain high concentrations of phosphorus which are harmful for your pet.

Even if you have artificial plants placed in the room, you should always remove small pebbles and broken pieces of branches. Your pet has a sensitive digestive system and can suffer from gastrointestinal disturbances if these substances are ingested accidently. You also need to protect your pet from heavy furniture pieces and fragile decoration items especially those made of glass.

Your dragon may seem pretty content when you take it outside, however there is a risk that your water dragon is attacked by other pets such as cats and dogs. Your pet may get along well with a cat or a dog, but it is always better to keep them away.