Do You Need to Take Your Pet Out for a Walk?

Most Chinese dragon owners wonder if they can take their pets out for a walk or let them roam outside the cage. Letting your dragon roam around freely can be a risky move so you need to be extra careful. Accidents can happen even if you remain cautious and you surely don’t want your pet to get hurt.

Chinese water dragons are smaller compared to other lizards such as Iguanas so baby dragons can escape even through small openings. Leaving baby dragons to roam freely especially is not a good idea because they can get seriously injured if left unattended. You can take Chinese water dragons out for a walk but only when they grow big. However, this does not mean you leave your dragon out in the sun for a long period of time.

It is a fact that Chinese water dragons need good exposure to UVB light to maintain strong bones, which is provided by sunlight in ideal amount. But there are a number of other considerations as well. Water dragons and even other reptiles, have special temperature requirements that need to be maintained.

You cannot control the temperature and humidity outside your home like the way you maintain it inside your pet’s enclosure. You need to check for adequate shade and monitor temperature and humidity conditions before you take your pet outside.

Chinese water dragons enjoy exploring the grass and other décor in the backyard; therefore, you need to supervise your pet when left to roam free. Your pet may accidently ingest garden soil or plants that may harm it. You should ensure that there are no sharp objects or toxic substances in the area your dragon is allowed to roam.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that your pet runs really fast. It can only take a couple of leaps for your pet to run away. You will then be left with no choice but to stand in despair. You can use a leash to keep your pet under control but don’t you think it will be unfair to an animal that loves to jump and climb trees.

A better idea would be to hold your pet and allow it to spend a few minutes in natural sunlight and fresh air. You can then place it back inside the enclosure, which is safer compared to the world outside.